Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

Ted and Carly big announcement
Ted & Carly announce their match made in hell

| So what do you do if you're losing the campaign for your party's nomination and have almost no chance of winning? Why, you pick a running mate, of course!

Ted Cruz, AKA Lyin' Ted, is desperate. The Donald is close to wrapping up the nomination for the Republicans, and Cruz will do almost anything to throw a monkey wrench in Trump's coronation. So, he announced that in the (unlikely) event he is awarded the nomination, Carly Fiorina will be his running mate.

For once I agree with John Boehner who said that Cruz is "Lucifer in the flesh" and went on to say "I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." My, how tongue loosen up by being out of office! Although, being a fan of the series "Lucifer" I think that does a disservice to Lucifer.

Carly sneers a lot
Fiorina sneers a lot

In her post-HP incarnation, Carly has gotten in touch with her inner mean and lost touch with reality. On the political stage she mostly wears a sneer and does not hesitate to repeat untruths, no matter how many times they have been debunked (think: baby parts and fetus on the table). In that respect, she is just like Ted Cruz who never lets a good turn of phrase get in the way of reality; consider Cruz's latest hobby horse about grown men in 'little girls rooms' (mature people usually refer to these as toilets). Maybe Cruz thinks he needs an attack dog — if so, Carly will be a good one. If he thinks Carly will help attract women to his cause, he is so badly mistaken.

(In the interest of self-disclosure, I was one of the 30,000 people Carly shed from the HP payroll after acquiring Compaq. While I think that what she tried to do at HP was the right thing, generally, she lacked ability to actually execute on her grand vision, and left behind tens of thousands of HP employees who simply loathed her. I loathe her also, but mostly for the right-wing politics she took up after being fired by the board of HP.)

Carly tried to unseat Barbara Boxer in the last senatorial contest in California, and Boxer clearly has no love for Carly. She took to the Twittersphere to helpfully suggest a theme for the Cruz-Fiorina ticket.

Boxer tweets
Barbara Boxer takes aim at the Cruz-Fiorina ticket

The readers of the New York Times sharpened their comment pencils to weigh in as well:

NYTimes comment
More help with a theme
Comment from NYTimes
Says it all
NYTimes comment
Oh, snap!

Editorial cartoonists have had a field day. How could they not?

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In one of the weirdest moments you will see on TV, Carly demonstrated how she sings to the Cruz children on the campaign bus. This is something ripe for mockery, and Rainbow Randy wasted no time getting his digs in.

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