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A less glamorous side of the Oscars, laying the red carpet

| The usual suspects came over for the annual Oscar watching party.

And when the usual suspects are involved, you know there will be drinking, feasting, and frivolity.

Kenny and Paul
I may have had a little too much to drink

Why do people watch the Oscars anyway? Surely it's not because we've seen all the nominated movies and actors and wish to compare our considered judgments against those of the Academy. In fact, most years, I've not seen a single one of the movies in question.

It is, of course, to see the "beautiful people" all togged out in clothes they don't own sashaying down the red carpet, stopping from time to time to strike "the pose" to best show off the dress or rented tuxedo. In short, the beautiful people have become runway models. Who are you wearing? has become the question.

One notices things. You can't not. This year the obvious trend was exposed flesh of the female mannequins. It's one thing on the red carpet when the dress is carefully draped. What happens when they sit down? Or a stiff breeze kicks up? It would be sexist to note that these dresses seem to work best on women with modest bosoms. But I don't wish to sound sexist, so I won't mention it.

plunging neckline
plunging neckline
Frontless and sideless
What was she thinking?

Now, plunging necklines for the male mannequins, that would be news. Instead, almost every man had his shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck and secured with a bow tie. C'mon boys, show us some skin!

Another big reason to watch this year was to see how the "white Oscars" kerfuffle would be handled. The consensus in my living room was that Chris Rock did a great job working salt into the wounds of the Academy while making them laugh.

The only sour note was struck by turning the obligatory Price Waterhouse auditors into an Asian joke that fell flat, and rightly so.

Rafe's chair
He didn't die, but we mourned his absence

A disappointment was that Rafe wasn't able to come. But, in the end, we moved past the tragedy and poured our own wine.

One local award was also presented to yours truly. Frankly, I'm not sure what the category for the award was, all I know is that the words began with E H K, the letters pre-engraved on the cup from Revivals.

I'd prefer to think that EHK stands for Extraordinary Host and Kitchen
Like I said, I may have had too much to drink

All good things come to an end, and eventually everyone packed up their doggie bags and headed off into the night.

Bob packs his doggie bag
Bob packs up his doggie bag
Real packs his doggie bag
As does Réal


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