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Steve Kelly
Steve Kelly

| Powerball mania has overtaken the nation with over a billion dollars up for grabs in tonight's drawing. Count me in.

powerball ticket
I'm in!

There are those who say that buying a PowerBall ticket is throwing your money away, and it's true that the chances of hitting the jackpot are slim — very, very slim.

But, someone will win, if not tonight, eventually. Why should that someone not be me? I have just as good a chance of winning as anybody else buying a ticket; that's the way random numbers work. I can afford to lose $10, so to me buying the ticket is akin to buying a ticket to a movie that turns out to be a stinker. Or a drink or two in a bar. Or like any of the other gewgaws I've indulged in over the years. And not unlike those shares of Enron that turned out to be worthless in the end.

It's a hard truth: your chances of winning are very, very, very small. But there's another truth: if you don't buy a ticket, your chances of winning are zero.

What if…? 

Part of the fun of PowerBall mania is imagining what you might do if, by some remote chance, you do win. OK, you won't get a billion dollars, not even close. Uncle Sam and Uncle Jerry will take a big share and the actual net prize might be half a billion, a mere five hundred million.

Think what you could do with five hundred million dollars! Think how many people you could make secure and comfortable in their lives with $500 million! Think how many meals for the hungry could be provided for $500 million! Think of how many mortgages you could pay off! Think of how many politicians you could buy!

Glenn McCoy
Glenn McCoy

Stay tuned. The drawing is at 7pm.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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