Time to create a little holiday cheer


| Palm Springs held its annual Festival of Lights parade on December 5. It was a beautiful night for a parade: mild temperatures, no wind, and convivial fellow watchers.

The parade steps off at 5:30pm, and we planned to arrive at our favorite viewing area near the end of the parade by 4:30pm. By some miracle we managed to find a vacant spot in the parking lot, and didn't even have to use Bob's handicap thingie. But we were disappointed upon walking out to the street to find that we were late-comers — most of the prime territory had already been claimed! We did, however, set ourselves up as a second row behind some empty chairs and got down to business: chili and hot apple cider.

The parade is always an assortment of marching bands, floats from local businesses and organizations, tarted-up fire trucks, big rigs, walking units, and big balloons wrangled by neighborhood associations in Palm Springs (Macy's west?). There are currently 39 such associations, although not all of them had a balloon. The balloons are quite fun because they have to be lowered to pass under traffic lights spanning the street.

nutcracker balloon
Nutcracker balloon
fire truck
Fire truck
Buzz Bus
The Buzz Bus
Walking groups and bands are very difficult to photograph
church group
A church group
Santa Claus
And of course Santa Claus

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