Everybody's proud this year

Street scene of festival
Street scene downtown

| With clear skies, no wind to speak of, and temperatures hovering around 80, Mother Nature shined down on the Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade this past weekend.

The Bunch settle in to watch
The Bunch settles in to watch from a prime viewing location

The usual suspects — Real, Bob, Ken, and I — went very early to stake out a prime viewing location. We put our chairs out, something a lot of people do for parades here; The wonderful thing is, nobody thinks to steal the chairs or dump them aside. Then we walked down to the Hyatt for breakfast.

The parade this year was huge, with over 4000 participants, taking a full two hours to pass by our location, with only one sizeable gap.

Naturally, there was the usual assortment of bands, beefy boys, horses, floats, and of course rainbow-bedecked dogs.

Desert Winds Freedom Band
Desert Winds Freedom Band
the boys from Hunters
The boys from Hunters
Boys from GED magazine
The boys from GED Magazine
Hot rodeo flag bearers
The Hot Rodeo flag bearers on their horses
The horse woman
The horse woman pulling a kilted master
Every dog has its day to be proud

As usual there was no shortage of hunky men wearing almost nothing, the better to show off their bods without a gram of body fat.

Many of the units in the parade were old standbys: politicians, community organizations, bars, and grand marshals.

Never, it seems to me, has a parade had so many grand marshals. The thing is, you usually don't know who they are, except that they are being recognized from some contribution to "the community." This year there were also "Lifetime Achievement" honorees, and even an "Organization of the Year." Everybody's a winner.

This was the second year that the two-day festival was held downtown on Palm Canyon Drive between Baristo and Amado. As it did last year, the parade started in the north end of town and ended at Amado. As the last units of the parade passed by, many of the spectators simply followed along into the festival. Our favorite bartender, Christopher, was chosen as this year's Mr Palm Springs Leather, so he had his own place in the parade. Of course, we gave him a big shout-out.


Christopher, Mr Palm Springs Leather
Christopher, the best bartender
Stilt walker
A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, indulging in a cigarette
A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence indulging in a cigarette


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