The great rib-out

relaxing on the patio
Enjoying starters on the patio. (L-R) Rafe, Bob, Ken, Réal

| The usual suspects assembled chez Paul to observe Memorial Day with the usual gluttonizing.

egg carrier
Deviled-egg carrier with trays for two layers of deviled eggs, also functions as a pie carrier

As usual, we began with "starters" on the patio, which in this case consisted of chips with guacamole and bean dips and deviled eggs, transported by Bob in his new deviled-egg carrier. Having purchased such a special-purpose item, Bob will surely use it often, and we fully expect to eat a lot of deviled eggs at our gatherings.

Quite colorful, don't you think?

As usual, we ate far too many of these tasty bites and drank far too many glasses of champagne, leaving us disadvantaged when it came to the main event.

What a mess o' ribs on the grill!
corn ready for roasting
Ready for the grill

Ken decided to try a new way of roasting the sweet corn on the grill, forsaking the Martha Stewart method for some new-fangled method of peeling back the husks and tying them together to form a "handle" on one end. The ears were then laid directly on the grill where the roasted to perfection in just a few minutes, leaving char marks on some of the kernels. This seemed to do something to the sugars in the corn that doesn't occur with steaming, because these ears were very tasty indeed.

I'm so sorry I don't have a picture of Bob's unique baked-bean pot. It is truly unique, and it — along with his recipe — has made Bob's baked beans world famous. (OK, it's maybe a small world, but in that world I assure you the beans are famous.)

Several hours of idle, sometimes uproarious chit-chat later, it was time for everyone to assemble their doggie bag and head for home. The "dogs" certainly were well fed.

packing up doggie bags to take home
Ready to head out

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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