Jeb Bush looking frazzled
Jeb looking a bit frazzled

Apologies to Lewis Carroll

| Until this week, the field of declared and prospective candidates for the Republican presidential nomination consisted largely of the crazies, the mildly deranged, the utterly unqualified — and Jeb Bush.

They say that in the United States anyone can grow up to be president, and there's no shortage of people who take that at face value and think it's their turn. As of today, the Federal Elections Commission lists no fewer than 339 declared presidential candidates for the 2016 election!

Leaving aside most of the 77 who filed as Republican candidates as impossible dreamers, we're still left with about 20 with some degree of national recognition.

The Crazy-in-Chief has to be Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) whose idea of fun while shutting down the government is reading Dr Seuss to his children via C-SPAN. Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) has aligned himself squarely with the crazies by his cringe-worthy defence of discrimination in the name of "religious freedom." Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR), AKA "The Huckster," thinks it is his calling to make American safe for Christians. The list goes on.

The Mildly Deranged includes people like former Gov. Rick Perry (TX) who, his nerdy black-rimmed glasses notwithstanding, obviously learned nothing by his embarassing "Oops" the last time around.

Which brings us to the Utterly Unqualified who, for some unfathomable reason, are being taken half-seriously by the media. Carly Fiorina offers us three qualifications: her gender; her experience mismanaging HP so badly she was fired as CEO; and losing by a very wide margin in her race against Sen. Barbara Boxer. Fiorina has rarely even voted, yet she thinks she deserves a start in politics at the very top! Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, also has no experience whatsoever in politics, and his assertion that Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery puts him in the company of the other Crazies.

Which brings us to Jeb Bush. Of the brothers Jeb and W, W was the frat-boy bon vivant whereas Jeb was considered the smart serious one of presidential timber. But W became president, and Jeb became ex-governor of Florida. The merest hint that Jeb might enter the 2016 presidential race set off an avalanche of money to his super PAC, and he became an instant, de facto front-runner. As it turns out, that is so last week!

Jeb was interviewed on Fox News by Megyn Kelly who asked a really softball question: Knowing what we now know, would he have still gone ahead with the Iraq war. Astonishingly Jeb said yes, indeed, and utterly fumbled several opportunities to get himself out of the mess he had created. He just Jebber-jabbered away. (See Jeb Bush's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week (Washington Post 5/14/2015))

Like, in all that time "exploring" a possible candidacy, it never occurred to him he would have to have an answer about his brothers Iraq misadventure? Having no response to an entirely predictable question shows an astounding like of preparation on Jeb's part. The aura of competence just evaporated. I mean, Who could have guessed that anyone would inquire about his brother's presidency?

Jeb and W
Jeb's his "own man" — yeah, right!

To make bad matters even worse, Jeb has assembled a team of advisers consisting of W administration retreads who thought the Iraq war was a keen idea. Then he said that W would be his chief go-to guy on the Middle East. This after telling us but a few weeks ago that he is his "own man." I'll ask my brother hardly counts for being independent.

There is a certain justifiable discomfort around Hillary's candidacy and the prospect of another Clinton-Bush election. Hillary, it is said, sees herself as the inevitable and entitled candidate. Jeb's recent behavior has revealed that he, too, thinks he is inevitable and entitled.

I say, it all puts Jeb in the Utterly Unqualified with Carly and Ben.

Mike Lucovich
Mike Luckovich, May 14, 2015

This just in! Jeb has come full circle and now concedes that "knowing what we know now" the Iraq war was a big mistake (HuffPo, 5/14/2015).

2016 can't come fast enough.

The good news, though, is that the Republicans seem determined to make Hillary look better!

As usual, John Stewart skewers Jeb and turns the blade.

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