March of the Peeps
Pink peeps on parade

Easter with a surprise

| There were four surprises for this easter gathering.

The first surprise was that the cocktail I made turned out to be really, really good. I often watch a show on Food Network called "The Kitchen," in which various "chefs" dispense cooking tips, demonstrate recipes, and offer effusive praise for each other's efforts. At the end of the show there is always a segment called "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." Geoffrey Zakarian makes some special cocktail to end the show. One such was called Gold Rush and it sounded like it might be tasty. It was, indeed!

The second surprise was that when Bob showed up he brought along a package of the ubiquitous Peeps, which became the table decorations. And tasty tidbits as well.

The third surprise was opening the refrigerator in the morning to retrieve a lemon for the avocado deviled eggs I was making, only to discover that the package of rib-eye roast had leaked and there were pools of cow blood in places where they should not be. Who knew it is so hard to figure out how to disassemble a modern refrigerator, where everything is plastic and held in place by plastic clips with no visible means of removal? In the end, I took all the affected pieces out on the patio and turned the hose on them before wiping them down with disinfectant and reassembling the chiller.

But all this proved a fatal distraction, because when I went back to the avocado deviled eggs, I forgot all about the lemon, and you just know that anything with avocado requires a bit of citrus to keep it from turning brown. Suffice to say the deviled eggs were cosmetically imperfect but still mighty tasty.

The fourth surprise was how very good the rib-eye roast ("prime rib") turned out this time. I roast it under a crust of kosher salt, horseradish, rosemary, and thyme. For once the meat thermometer didn't lie, and when I took it out of the oven at 125°F it was the perfect shade of pink, moist and tender as could be. Yum. Rounding out the meal was Bob's world-famous baked beans, Ken's gargantuan tossed salad, my Paula Deen red potato salad.

The bunch at table
Clockwise from left: Réal, Kenny, Richard, Rafe, Ken, Bob

It was all topped off by Kenny's 6-layer carrot cake. Not that anybody was counting calories!

At some point, someone brought out a bottle of Crema de Coca, forcing us to once again confront the problem of not being able to get the bottle open without utterly destroying the plastic mechanism at the top. Good excuse for drinking the whole bottle. Not that anyone needed an excuse!

group toast
Let's hava a toast! (L-R) Kenny, Bob, Rafe, Ken
(Photo by Richard)
Dinner is served
Dinner is served
(Photo by Richard)
at the table
At the table (Clockwise from left) Paul, Réal, Richard, Rafe, Bob
(Photo by Kenny)
Still at the table
Still at the table
(Photo by Kenny)
Carrot cake
6-Layer carrot cake decorated with fruit gummies
(Photo by Kenny)
Peeps doing what peeps do
Peeps doin' the nasty on the cake
(Photo by Kenny)

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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