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| For some time now I have chafed under the high cost of cable television when I watch so little of it.

DirecTV, which I currently use, claims theyare "committed to bringing you the world's best television experience for the best possible price." The "Entertainment" package boasts 140 digital channels. What they fail to mention is that a very large number of those channels are shopping channels and religious channels. Nevertheless, it seems that whenever I scroll through the program guide looking for something interesting to watch (which I very seldom find) and click a program, I get the "Sorry this channel is not in your package" message with an invitation to call customer service and upgrade my plan.

Why can't I just get and pay for the channels I watch?

Now you can, it seems! just announced the Basic Black Box which has the potential to remake the television industry. The box, shown above, connects to your TV with an HDMI cable and to your home network through ethernet or Wi-Fi. Then you go to the BBBox website and select just the channels you want to watch.

BBox marketing manager Yma Flack says, "The BBBox is going to revolutionize television. Cable companies will no longer be able to promote overpriced bundles bloated with unwanted channels. The customer will finally get final say on what they want and are willing to pay for." She added, "Just like iTunes brought about the end of music albums, the BBBox will bring the end of cable television bundles."

Contacted for comment, Comcast, DirecTV, AT&T, Time-Warner, and Dish all declined to make any comment or statement. However, sources at Comcast, who do not wish to be identified for obvious reasons, report that the reaction in the management suite was "Holy sh*t!"

Dr Ngo Ital, Professor of Disruptive Technology at MIT, believes that the BBBox will be a genuine game-changer. "This is Disruptive with a capital D," he said.

Shares of cable companies fell sharply across the board when trading opened.

Power to the people!

Rowing is easier going downstream.

April Fool!

Tom Toles
Tom Toles

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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