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Welcome to the 87th Oscars. Tonight we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest — sorry, brightest
— Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris

| The usual suspects came over to watch the Oscar ceremony and the preceding Red Carpet fashion show.

Bob had managed to see three of the nominated movies, the most of anyone. Okay, he's the only one who saw any of the movies! But that doesn't mean we can't have an opinion or catty comments. It is really, after all, an opportunity to critique the beautiful people and mock those whose fashion sense is on hiatus.

The belly bump
Bob and I do a belly bump, greatly amusing Kenny
Rafe and Ken arriving
Rafe and Ken arrive bearing snacks, lots of snacks

As usual, we ended up with a pile of food: chips and guac (Rafe) and bean dip (Ken), deviled eggs (Bob), bacon-wrapped dates (Bob), cheese and crackers (Ken), roasted asparagus with prosciutto and parm (Paul), a massive lasagna (Kenny), garlic bread (Réal), salad (Paul), and, for dessert, ice cream with crema de coco, and Milano cookies. Actually, three bottles of crema de coco (coconut cream liqueur from Ensenada) turned up! Surprisingly, perhaps, great restraint was exercised and only one was consumed.

A funny thing about that crema de coco: Each time we have had it we have been unable to pour it out of the bottle, and this was no exception. Each time we've been forced to break off the stopper gizmo to get at the liqueur. We always thought it had thickened, but this time we figured it out: a thin but very strong film forms at the top of the liquid, and when the bottle is full, it's impossible to shake it enough to dislodge the film; it might as well be a cork. Of course, once you've taken apart the stopper gizmo you can't put the cap back on the bottle, requiring — yea requiring! — that the entire bottle be drunk.

Themeware from Windy City Novelties
Themeware from Windy City Novelties
Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with cheese
Deviled eggs
Deviled eggs
Real preparing garlic bread
Réal preparing garlic bread
Ken eating
Ken settled in front of the TV to eat

The Oscar show itself was quite good. Neil Patrick Harris was this year's host, and he did a smash-up opening number. Later in the show, he also did a take-off of a scene from Birdman, appearing on stage in his tighty-whiteys and black shoes and socks. The next morning while appearing on Live With Kelly & Michael from the stage of the Dolby Theater, Harris assured viewers that there had been "no enhancements."

Neil Patrick Harris in his skivvies
No more Doogie Howser, M.D

The sets for the show were spectacular and constantly changing.

Bridge in Selma
Bridge set for a performance of "Glory" from Selma. The song won for Original Song.

A highlight of the show was Lady Gaga performing a medley of songs from the Sound of Music. It was delivered flawlessly and not in Lady-Gaga style; if you just heard the songs you would not have suspected Lady Gaga was the singer.

Lady Gaga performed a medley of songs from the Sound of Music
Lady Gaga brought down the house with songs from The Sound of Music

Some people are never satisfied: the show came under withering criticism by Very Important Know-It-Alls for being bland, safe, a yawn, etc. Harris' hosting was widely pronounced a disaster. I guess we saw a different broadcast, because we thought it was good.

Lara Spencer, seen her with Jennifer Lopez
Lara Spencer interviewing JLo on the red carpet. Her cerise dress clashed with the red carpet and she was on for hours!

Now, as for fashion. Lara Spencer whose day job is as co-anchor on Good Morning America plied red carpet A-listers with inane questions and comments, but her greatest sin was having chosen a cerise dress that clashed violently with the red of the red carpet.

Dana Perry, producer of the documentary Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1
Dana Perry, producer of  the documentary "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1"
Rear view
Really? Quipped Neil Patrick Harris, "You need balls to wear a dress like that!"

We got our biggest laughs of the night at the expense of Dana Perry, producer of a documentary about the people who staff crisis hotlines for veterans who can't cope with re-entry. Her rather plain black dress was topped with a shawl of poofy black pompoms connected by black cords. She should have called 1-800-HELP-ME-DRESS.

Rafe and Kenny watching from the mezzanine
Rafe and Kenny watched from the mezzanine
Real and Ken
Réal and Ken
Richard and Bob
Richard and Bob


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