party time
(Clockwise from lower left) Laurient, Réal, Maryse, Richard, Rafe, Jeanine, Kenny, Paul, Ken, Bob

Party for winter refugees

| When Real's brother and sister visited last year, they discovered how nice it is to get away from snow and cold. Quelle surprise! They came back again this year.

In addition to Laurient (AKA "Larry") and Jeanine, Réal's niece Maryse came visiting this year, with her visit overlapping the end of Laurient and Jeanine's stay. For three nights Réal had wall-to-wall guests!

Always looking for an excuse for a party, we had a combo Bon Voyage and Bienvenue dinner on Tuesday. It was a stunningly beautiful spring day, so we started festivities on the patio and only moved indoors after it was dark and we were all hungry. Rafe grilled the steaks, Bob brought his famous baked beans, and Kenny brought potato salad. For dessert, we had Ken's plum pudding made from a Martha Stewart recipe, served with rum sauce. The verdict was unanimous: delicious beyond description but so sweet it made your teeth curl. Making it more fun, he steamed it in an honest-to-goodness, vintage covered plum-pudding pan that Bob had unearthed among his treasures. So it is fair to say that this dinner was definitely a cooperative affair.

For comic relief, Richard managed to walk right through the screen door on his way to the patio. Amazingly the screen remained intact while the door came out of its frame. Later, I tried to fit it back, but it resisted my efforts and would not slide to and fro. I left it for the morning. By daylight I discovered that the door had been put back inside-out and upside down. No wonder it didn't work!

Real and Maryse
Uncle Réal and Niece Maryse
Three siblings and a niece
Three siblings and a niece. (L-R) Laurient, Réal, Jeanine, and Maryse

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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