Happy New Year 2015

| The New Year is taken to be a new beginning.  more


How did my garden grow?

| Conventional wisdom in the desert is that gardens should be planted in October.  more


Massacre at Charlie Hebdo

| When terrorists forced their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris to slaughter the editor and four notable cartoonists, it set off near universal condemnation and some thoughtful commentary on freedom of speech. It also set off waves of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant fervor in far too many places around the world.  more


Craigslist is infected with scammers and cons

| He was looking for a new job and thought to check out the listings on craigslist.  more


Trivialization of Charlie Hebdo

| After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, people by the millions took to the streets of Paris to demonstrate and show their support for freedom of expression, with world leaders marching arm-in-arm. The event was positively awe-inspiring.  more


Bye, bye, Netflix

| Until today, I had a subscription to Netflix. Note that "had" is past tense.  more


State of Obama is … feisty

| Last night Obama gave the obligatory State of the Union address to Congress and the three people who tuned in and paid attention.  more


Slow shipping

| I've suspected for some time that shipments from Amazon sometimes are deliberately slow. Now there's evidence.  more


Superbowl 2015

| Beginning in 1999, a group of us decided to "go somewhere" for Super Bowl weekend. This year marked the 16th such getaway (if you're doing the math, we missed one year due to a commitment to go to Yellowknife to see the Northern Lights).  more


Futility knows no bounds

| I came home from the long-weekend SuperBowl trip to find my patio table covered with stones, sand, grass, and other debris. (Update: Caught in the act)  more


It is NOT me!

| It's no secret that there are many people who share the same name.  more


Bon voyage / Bienvenue

| When Real's brother and sister visited last year, they discovered how nice it is to get away from snow and cold. Quelle surprise! They came back again this year.  more


Fiona ist kaput

| Since Fiona first arrived in May 2014 I became dependent on her. She enabled my sloth and saved me from the ignominy of dirty floors and carpets.  more


When INTUITion fails

| For the past year I have received periodic messages from Intuit about my QuickBooks subscription. This devotion to a customer is all well and good, except that I do not use, and never have used, Quickbooks!  more


Oscar party 2015

| The usual suspects came over to watch the Oscar ceremony and the preceding Red Carpet fashion show.  more


Woe is us

| The Republicans just can't help themselves. They tilt at windmills, and when the windmill wins, they end up worse off than they started.  more


Hillary emailgate

| The New York Times broke the story last week that Hillary Clinton, for her entire time as Secretary of State, used a personal email account for all her email, including government business.  more


Great expectations

| It all began last year when I got hooked on Downton Abbey, then in its 4th season on PBS.  more


New Basic Black Box

| For some time now I have chafed under the high cost of cable television when I watch so little of it.  more


Sometimes a cake is just a cake

| Just below all the sanctimonious talk about enacting laws to ensure that American's freedom of religion is not abridged lies an ugly reality: the far, far right wants to be able to discriminate against those they don't like and use as their defense, "God made me do it."  more


March of the Peeps or, Easter 2015

| There were four surprises for this easter gathering.  more


Opera in the Park 2015

| The Palm Springs Opera Guild presented Opera in the Park on Sunday. As usual it was a day for fine music, people-watching, eating, drinking, and basking in a superlative spring day in the park.  more


Happy Birthday to me

| I've lately turned to archeology, digging out relics from moving boxes in the garage. Among the treasures were photographs, some dating back to my earliest years. I thought a little trip down memory lane might be a nice way to commemorate #72.  more


Beware the Jebberwock, my son!

| Until this week, the field of declared and prospective candidates for the Republican presidential nomination consisted largely of the crazies, the mildly deranged, the utterly unqualified — and Jeb Bush.  more


Memorial Day 2015

| The usual suspects assembled chez Paul to observe Memorial Day with the usual gluttonizing.  more


The shadow knows

| This morning while I pondered over many an enigmatic clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle, I saw out of the corner of my eye a shadow passing in front of the window in my office.  more


The Rock vs The Earthquake

| I shouldn't have gone. It's not the kind of movie I like. But I succumbed to peer pressure.  more


Drought, now fire

| After a blissfully moderate spring, June temperatures have gone, practically overnight, from "below average" to "above average." And the wildfires have started, too.  more


Upgrading to Windows 10

| Months ago that little white icon appeared in my system tray, the one that invited me to get Windows 10.  more


Brother-in-law Carl celebrates 84th

| The email from dear niece Carol was short notice:  more


Oho! The Nigerian prince has become a Spanish banker

| For several years a popular internet scam involved a "Nigerian prince" who was trying to get his money out of the country and who just needed a little help from gullible friends.  more


Agawa Canyon train excursion

| The hard-core of the old gang had such a wonderful time in Albuquerque on our Super Bowl trip that someone decided we should do another trip this summer. Touring the locks at Sault Ste Marie and riding the scenic Agawa Canyon tour train seemed like good ideas. So, shortly after the 4th of July we headed north and east.  more


Parade of Planes 2015

| Imagine what the out-of-town visitors are going to tell their friends when they get home: "Honestly, Marge, I was driving down the street in Palm Springs and had to stop for an airplane!"  more


Hillary vs Special Committee on Benghazi

| Last week Hillary Clinton testified before the Special Committee on Benghazi, appearing, as she said, "Because I said I would."  more


Cirque de l'absurde

| We've now been treated to three "debates" with the Repugnican presidential candidates. Being Halloween it might be more apt to say we've been tricked to those debates.  more


Palm Springs Pride and Festival 2015

| With clear skies, no wind to speak of, and temperatures hovering around 80, Mother Nature shined down on the Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade this past weekend.  more


The Christmas cup wars

| The front page of the Washington Post website today carried two headlines to strike fear into the heart of any sensible person.  more


The annual apple adventure 2015

| It has become an annual tradition to visit "apple country" — the Oak Glen area above Yucaipa.  more


Or is it Memorex?

| Faithful readers of a certain age will recall the Memorex advertising campaign many years ago with the tagline, "Is it real, or is it Memorex?"  more


It's a miracle

| My eye doctor decided it was time to remove the cataract from my right eye, being more advanced than the one in the left, and Monday morning I reported for surgery.  more


Palm Springs Festival of Light parade 2015

| Palm Springs held its annual Festival of Lights parade on December 5. It was a beautiful night for a parade: mild temperatures, no wind, and convivial fellow watchers.  more


Christmas 2015 chez Ken and Rafe

| Ken and Rafe decided to host this year's Christmas dinner. As usual, there was a lot of gratuitous toasting, laughing, and over-indulging.  more



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