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Take that!

Big chill

| Mother Nature has decided to send 2014 out with a massive blanket of cold covering much of the entire US, including the desert.

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Time to turn up the electric blanket

Las Vegas is bracing for snow, and in parts of Southern California snow is predicted down below the 2000-foot level. Yikes. In the past it has snowed here on the floor of the valley, but such a rare and spectacular event is not likely this time. According to Google Earth, I am at 1372 feet, so I don't expect to see the backyard covered in white, but that doesn't mean it won't be nasty out.

forecast as of this morning
Today's forecast

It was 41°F this morning, and when the sun came up the temperature began to drop. As is often the case with AccuWeather, it was not surprising to see the current temperature indicated as 44°F, a degree above the predicted high. They do have a practice of raising the predicted high to match the actual temperature — a wonderful way to make sure their forecast is always accurate! AccuWeather indeed.

It was already very blustery (I should say it was still blustery, inasmuch as the wind blew fiercely all night), so I hustled out to swaddle the vegetable garden in tarps in case of frost. The herb garden will just have to fend for itself. If there is a hard freeze the basil will probably suffer but other herbs, like sage, will withstand the cold quite well.

vegetable beds wrapped in tarps
Vegetable beds swaddled in tarps

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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