christmas ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments (not on Bob's tree)

"Naughty or nice" or "nice and naughty"?

| The usual suspects celebrated Christmas Chez Bob again, something of a tradition now.

It was a beautiful day in Palm Springs — clear blue skies, balmy temperatures. In short, an ideal Christmas day.

Bob fussing with his thermometer
Bob fussing with his thermometer

Bob was preparing a rib-eye roast, also now a tradition. When we arrived, we found Bob fiddling with the three (3!) thermometers that he was using to monitor the roast. None of them appeared to be working properly. They say that a watched pot doesn't boil, and I'm inclined to think that a watched roast doesn't roast either.

In the meantime we listened to a CD of Christmas music brought by Kenny. This required a great deal of discussion and disputation whether it would play in Bob's blu-ray player. When the pragmatists won out by insisting that the answer was to just put it in and try it, a challenge arose: it came on at full volume, requiring more disputation as to how to turn down the volume.

This would be a very simple thing under normal circumstances, but Bob has all of his devices (and he has a lot of devices!) set up so they are all controlled by one remote, and he did not want to brook anyone messing directly with any knobs or dials. In the end, it turned out to be a different remote (there's always an exception) and it appeared not to work because the batteries in it were nearly drained!

The whole kerfuffle kept us occupied for a considerable time.

Bob's jeroboam
Bob unveils the jeroboam

Eventually it was determined that the roast was done and while it "rested" we warmed all the other dishes and got them ready for the feast to follow.

When we were ready to sit down for dinner, Bob brought out the "special wine" he got for the occasion. Good lord, it was a humongous bottle, bigger than any of us had ever seen — a jeroboam containing five liters of wine! That was almost a regular bottle per person! Naturally a regular corkscrew that fits over the neck of a wine bottle wouldn't fit and it took a few minutes to find an old-fashioned one. Then once it was opened, there was the question of how to pour from such a bottle. Pouring into a decanter was the key.

And to top it off, Santa Bob gave us all lovely parting gifts: an oven mitt stuffed with various tchotchke including a miniature bottle of maple syrup, a ball-point pen that doubled as a flashlight, a real flashlight, and a pair of socks. What a mensch!

While everyone was sure that we'd never be able to drink the entire jeroboam, especially after all the champagne we had put away, the suspects are a determined bunch. At the end of the night the jeroboam was empty, and rightly so. It had been delicious, a blend of cabernet and Sangiovese.

All in all, a wonderful Christmas!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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