turkey noodle soup
Turkey noodle soup

Thanksgiving leftovers in a bowl

| The usual suspects came over Sunday for the traditional post-Thanksgiving turkey soup.

Clockwise from left: Richard, Réal, Bob, Paul, Kenny (Photo by Ken)

Bloody Marys flowed freely, as usual, while we noshed on cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon (Bob) and shrimp cocktail (Réal). Then we turned to slurping-good turkey noodle soup, accompanied by corn bread (Ken & Rafe), followed by chocolate cheesecake (Kenny). Leftovers have never tasted so good. There was lots of champagne to enhance the taste!

When everyone arrived I had been watching Kitchen Inferno on FoodNetwork.com, and people got quite involved with it. A contestant must face a series of challenges, cooking against a reknowned chef. With each one the prize money goes up, but to proceed to the next level, the contestant has to give up what they won in the previous round. No guts, no glory! The judging is blind — the panel of judges do not know which chef made which dish. What makes the show particularly interesting, in contrast to most of the other contest shows on FoodNetwork.com, is that the chefs create real dishes from real ingredients and the winner of each round is often unexpected. And unlike the junk contest shows, they do not have to cope with sabotages or crazy ingredients.

Rafe (Photo by Ken)
Bob and Paul
Bob and Paul (Photo by Ken)
Richard and Real
Richard and Réal (Photo by Ken)
Ken's knee selfie
Ken's knee selfie (Photo by Ken)

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