Santa Claus float
Santa Claus float

Antidote to the dark of winter

| The 2014 edition of Palm Springs Festival of Light was graced by nearly balmy temperatures, clear skies, and an almost-full moon overhead.

fire truck
Old fire truck
Giant balloon wrangled by a neighborhood association
Wells Fargo float
Wells Fargo float

This year's parade was improved in several ways:

First, there were many more floats than in years past. And the floats reflected greater creativity and design. Although there were still pickup trucks towing a trailer outlined with strings of lights, several were purpose-built.

Second, the marching groups were much better lighted than other years. Particularly the dance groups cut a fine swath with luminous cords outlining limbs and body.

Third, many of the entries this year finally added music to the entry, producing a much more festive atmosphere and something lighted passing silently before you.

Unfortunately, there was also a serious problem with the parade. There were many gaps between units, sometimes extending a block or two. Nothing quite kills a parade like watching nothing for minutes on end. To make bad matters worse, the units behind the gaps showed no urgency about catching up and closing the gap. A judiciously wielded cattle prod would have done wonders!

We were fortunate in being able to park in a lot just behind the parade route. I pulled into the lot on the off chance that a slot might be open, and serendipitously a handicap space was empty. With alacrity, Bob hung his handicap placard from my mirror and we claimed the spot!

Getting into the spirit of things, we were LED shoestrings with three display modes: solid, slow blink, and fast blink (Windy City Novelties). They were a great hit.

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