The back yard, that is

| Mother Nature has decided to wash us clean.

detour through Whitewater
Detour through Whitewater instead of the direct route into Palm Springs

After years of almost no rain, Southern California has enjoyed three days of rain. Well, not everybody has enjoyed the rain. For instance, those who find almost every north-south road that crosses the wash closed are not particularly happy.

For example, to get to Palm Springs for our Wednesday night out — a combination this time of regularly scheduled adult beverages and observance of Réal's birthday — Ken and I had to go by way of Whitewater, nearly doubling the distance and time. Said detour involves a small, almost-never-used road that connects the I-10 with CA-111, definitely a "road less traveled by," and remarkable mainly for the fact that it crosses a heavily travelled train track, delaying transit while a freight train passes.

Returning to our story, the rain last night filled the dry river beds in my backyard with water!

dry river turns wet
The dry river bed filled with water
So murky after sunrise that the landscape lights came back on
After sunrise, it got so dim and murky that the landscape lights came on again!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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