Thanksgiving 2014
Let us give thanks

Thank you, Abraham Lincoln, for making Thanksgiving Day a national holiday

| All was in readiness: the table was set, most of the food was done, and it was just a matter of waiting for the usual suspects to arrive with the usual bounty.

Thanksgiving table
The table is set

With temperatures hovering near 80°F starters had to be on the patio, so it was there that we assembled with our Bloody Marys, blocks of cheese, and baskets of crackers.

Everyone says that my Bloody Marys are the best, and when I make them they are always eagerly consumed. We may have found the exception. With the warmth, the wasps and flies were out, and one fly circled over Réal's glass and spiraled down into the glass toward the alluring liquid in the bottom. But too bad for the fly, the instant it came in contact with the Bloody Mary it curled up, apparently dead as a doornail.

fly dragging along the edge of a plate, waiting for its wings to dry
A hapless fly trying to walk off its encounter with a Bloody Mary
fly dragging along the edge of a plate, waiting for its wings to dry
Poor thing was utterly incapacitated with its wings coated with tomato juice

Lesson one: my Bloody Marys can be lethal!

turkey ready to roast
Turkey ready to roast

But not so fast! After a short while the fly regained consciousness and began to walk about, trying to shake off its stupor. Who knew? Perhaps it really was dead but was reincarnated as … another fly!

Then there was the turkey. They always say to stick the thermometer into the thigh, and I did so, But two hours later the thermometer was beeping, claiming that my turkey was done with an internal temperature of 160°F. Incredulous, I took an instant-read thermometer and stuck it into a different part of the thigh — this time the temperature was indicated as 108°F. That's more like it.

Having moved the temperature probe to the cooler location, I now sat back to wait for it to be done.

Lesson two: turkeys always take longer to roast than they're supposed to.

But eventually we could get on with the matter at hand: putting away thousands of calories of tasty carbohydrates, washed down with delicious wine.

Real with his new smart phone
Réal and his new smart phone
Ken is gleeful
Ken is gleeful — he has been pushing us all to be part of the smart phone generation

We did have a lot of fun gently ribbing Réal over his new smart phone. So far he's figured out how to take pictures with it, so none of us is safe any more.

Sans smart phone, Bob just ate

Bob, on the other hand, is now the only suspect without a smart phone. He just ate.

After a decent interval, we tackled the pies furnished by Réal. He brought three of them. I had also made a cranberry pie because, until a week ago, I had never known such a thing existed and I wanted to try one. Doing the math, that makes 4 pies for 5 people, or 80% of an entire pie per person. It is a truism, however, that one can never have too many pies.

It should go without saying that most of the pies went uneaten. Sunday's leftovers brunch is coming up, and I doubt that the pies will escape unscathed again!

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