Sure it is.

Say what?!

| Websites that you go to just once a year are a pain in the ass.

Today I had to go to one of those sites and got sent off to a related site that I had never visited before. To view my personalized information I would have to log in. Had my account been transferred to the new site? What about my username and password?

On the login page were two helpful links, one to use if you had forgotten your username, the second if you had forgotten your password. I clicked the one for username and was asked to provide several bits of validating information. Lo and behold, the system eventually replied that it had found my account, and it presented me with my username (see right).

Now even I am not anal enough to have created a 32-character username of letters and numbers! The absolutely amazing thing is that when I put that long string into the login form it worked!

It's also a very good thing that I have a splendid little tool that remembers usernames and passwords for me, since there is no way I am ever going to commit a 32-character string to memory. I have enough trouble remembering my phone number!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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