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An ad that disappeared after turning on AdBlock Plus

Out, out damned ad!

| A few weeks ago Jim wrote me about a missing image on one of my web pages. As it turns out, the actual image file was called "banner_ad.png" and Jim's AdBlock Plus plugin had blocked it from display!

Lesson learned: Be careful what you name files!

Lesson two: Look into this AdBlock Plus.

Years ago I had tried various ad-blocking software and the result was often that it broke the page and I couldn't see anything. Since then I've just clenched my teeth and borne it. But Jim is a good source, so I decided to give AdBlock Plus a try. Installing it was one click and my first test was the Washington Post, a site that inserts ads all over the place, even between paragraphs of an article.

I fell instantly in love with AdBlock Plus. Below you see an image of a Washington Post page before enabling AdBlock Plus. I've Xed out all the things that AdBlock Plus disappeared. A lot of annoying crap.

If you click on the image, you can see how clean the page is after AdBlock Plus was enabled.

Washington Post web page with ads

Click image to switch back and forth

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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