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Over 150 junk email in 24 hours

Give me a break!

| The world of junk email keeps evolving and it is now in a particularly insidious and annoying phase.

My email program, Outlook 2007, does a very good job of sorting out the rubbish. I have it set to allow only messages from people in my address book into the Intray, and everything else goes into junk email. It takes just a couple of minutes a day to scan down the list of messages in the junk email folder to pick out the one or two that might be from legitimate senders (who are not in my address book) and then purge the rest.

Nevertheless, I just hate seeing all the crap and worry about what the fact that it continues says about the people who send it and the people who must read it and are taken in by it. A few days ago one of the emails purported to be from a Canadian sent by the UN Secretary General to Nigeria to liberate unnumbered millions into my account if I would just furnish the account number. Good grief! I thought that one had gone away.

The image below shows the contents of my junk email folder for just the past 24 hours — in other words, a day of junk. Use the scrollbar at right to view the whole list.

junk-email folder today

You'll see that a few are from legitimate companies that I have done business with: Target, Macy's, Windy City Novelties. I have those go into my junk folder because they just send too damned much stuff and one click to empty the folder is easier than a click to delete each individual message.

A while ago I actually dug into the source of a few of these messages and investigated the real links behind the visible links. To my surprise I discovered that the server in question had logos and graphics for several well-known companies. In other words, it was a one-stop shop with assets for any number of phishing campaigns.

I can only conclude that the number of gullible people is even greater than I feared. I also conclude that there must be big money to be made from the scams.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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