sign for Law's coffee shop
Law's Coffee Shop sign

Breakfast in the mountains

| Every year we make a trip to the apple-growing area known as Oak Glen.

Saying it's a "trip" is a slight exaggeration, since it is less than an hour away. But to go there is to enter a separate world populated not with palm trees but with deciduous trees showing fall colors.

This year we would try the breakfast buffet at Law's Coffee Shop near the end of the 5-mile loop where all the apple farms are. Normally we make the loop in the opposite direction and have our meal at the other end. But, for some, probably religious, reason Riley's Farm with the 18th century restaurant that we really like is closed on Sunday, so we decided to give Law's a try. We had passed it many times, but having already eaten we were most interested in getting home for our naps.

A beautiful fall day
A stunningly beautiful fall day

We also went up earlier in the morning, since the hills are teeming with people, many of them families, out to experience the apple season. To our great surprise and delight, we had only to wait about 10 minutes to get a table, despite the place being quite crowded. The restaurant is a model of efficiency: they know how to get people in, serve them, and get them back out again (but they did not rush us at all).

Waiting for a table
Waiting outside for a table

By 11:15, however, a long line stretched out the door as people surged in for the breakfast buffet before it closes at 11:30. Thereafter, it is lunch from a menu. Law's also serves dinner on Friday nights.

It was a wonderful breakfast buffet: two kinds of eggs, scrambled and sunny side up; hash browns; French toast and waffles; bacon, ham, sausages; banana bread, cinnamon rolls and other pastries; bites of brownies, apple thingies, and so forth. Copious cups of coffee were poured. You could go back for additional helpings if you wanted. And all at a bargain price: $13.

The matriarch of the Law family is about to turn 97 years old and it is her recipes that are served in the restaurant. She is also a seamstress with a small sewing room adjacent to the gift shop where she sews many of the items sold in the shop. Her vision isn't quite what it used to be, so the workers in the shop have to be sure to put everything back in its proper place. Her eyes may be weakening, but her fingers are sure.

Ken and Real at breakfast
Ken and Réal at breakfast
Bob with his second helping!
Bob with his second helping
Harris Road
Harris Road in yellow
Classic Mercury
An classic Mercury, tarted up and riding low

After breakfast we spent some time strolling around the various attractions in the immediate area. We've seen them all before, of course, and while they might change from year to year, it doesn't seem that they have. Oh, well! We mostly go for the food and the day's outing anyway!

We also decided to explore some of the byways on the map. To be sure, most of our attempts were thwarted by gates and no trespassing signs, but one offered clear passage: Harris Road. The main "scenic loop" meanders through the hills, and Harris Road cuts through.

The publicly marketed image of Oak Glen is that of a buccolic enclave preserved in time where "folks can come up and enjoy a simpler way of life, surrounded by the fresh crisp air and partake of the beautiful change of seasons. We invite you to come be a part of our family traditions" (brochure).

On the other hand, Harris Road is lined with vast estates behind decorative gates with huge mansions that enjoy sweeping views of wide lawns and surrounding hills. Ah, yes, a "simpler way of life" indeed.

All in all, a wonderful day in apple country!

The 5-mile loop. Law's Coffee Shop is number 5 on this map.

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