PC Matic ad
Rob Cheng, PC Pitstop

Please make it stop!

| If you watch TV you have surely seen commercials for PC Matic, a magic elixir that will make your PC happy and bring about world peace.

Most of the recent ads for this product feature Rob Cheng, CEO and Founder. That's right, the guy who apparently can't afford a comb is the head honcho making this PC wonder drug.

The ads are almost as annoying as those class-action ads for mesothelioma or vaginal mesh. The constant repetition of "PC Matic" is like the nightime drip, drip, drip of the faucet while suffering from insomnia. The ad featured here ("Supported by Americans") is a one-minute spot and includes at least 21 occurrences of "PC Matic." The unrelenting rhythm of ultra-short sentences with "PC Matic" is enough to drive a person nuts.

Cheng heads a mini-empire of companies making various PC utilities that began with PC Pitstop in 1999. He brags in his commercials that his product is made and supported in America by Americans who speak English, but in an interview we learn that his company is "100% virtual" with "more than 17 virtual employees located throughout the world."

The ads all appeal to the novice PC user who is confounded by slow machines and the prospect of scary viruses. Apparently this works, since Cheng maintains homes in both Myrtle Beach, SC, and Rio de Janeiro. The ads are ubiquitous. "Supported by Americans" has aired nationally 164 times to date; that's big bucks. iSpot.tv has entries for two other PC Matic ads as well.

Disclosure: I once downloaded PC Matic just to see what it would do. Let's just say that I immediately removed it from my system.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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