Well, that took long enough!

| Earlier in our story, I bemoaned the fact that Time Warner Cable had still not refunded the credit due me after I cancelled TWC internet service.

I cancelled service about July 7 (no later than July 9, for sure), and I impatiently contacted TWC through online chat on August 15th, eventually triggering escalation to Tier 3 Advanced Support where "Jason" promised that he would expedite the refund and I would get it in 5 business days.

Of course, 5 business days came and went. When I discovered that TWC has an office here in Desert Hot Springs I went in to press my case again. The person at the counter did nothing — and tried to do absolutely nothing — except repeat ad nauseum that "refunds take 8 to 12 weeks." So I went home again to stew some more.

Eventually, on September 2 the refund check arrived in the mail. That would be 8 weeks after service was cancelled and 12 business days after being promised that I would get the check in 5 business days.

check from Time Warner
Refund check received 8 weeks after cancelling service

Several conclusions are possible and plausible:

But here are the kickers:

It just astonishes me how unsavvy these people are. The time to ply me with offers is before I cancel, not after. Imagine the good will and customer loyalty that would accrue to a cable company if they sent you a letter saying "You've been a customer for X years, and to thank you for your loyalty we're taking Y% off your bill" or "Surprise! This month's service is on us — we value you as a customer."

Their whole marketing strategy is built on luring people with attractive offers and then over time jacking up the rates. This virtually guarantees that people will start looking for alternatives. Imagine if they reversed the strategy: sign you on at full rate then reduce it to reward loyalty. Instead of forcing you to take a two year contract to get certain rate, reward positive behavior, "If you stay with us for two years we'll lower your rate by X%." Imagine if instead of having to call them every couple of months to find out if they have any new packages at a lower rate, they contacted you! 

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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