Yeah, I get that a lot
Yeah, I get that a lot!

Nice trick if you can do it

| Alka-Seltzer has a cute commercial featuring a hunky fireman helping to quench the heartburn of a damsel in distress.

There is a bit of sleight of hand in this commercial that took me a while to catch. I was forced — forced! — to watch it several times. In the interest of science, of course.

The fireman suggests Alka-Selzer Relief Chews.

bottle of Relief Chews
‚ÄčNote that this is a full bottle of chews
Turns bottle over and only one chew drops out
‚ÄčThe fireman gives the bottle a big shake to release a chew. One chew.

Defying the laws of gravity, all but one yellow chews stays in the inverted bottle. Ketchup I could believe, but not heartburn chews.

Here's the full commercial:

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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