mystery parcel
Mystery parcel found in mailbox

Hello! What's this?

| Yesterday on my way to brunch, I stopped to pick up my mail and discovered an unexpected parcel in my mailbox. Hmmm.

The return address in New York City was nothing that I recognized, certainly nothing that I remembered ordering. I felt compelled to wrest the box open on my way.

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Jim and his replica head
​Jim and his replica head

Faithful readers will recall that during my getaway to Twain Harte, friend Jim brought along an almost life-sized replica of his head, created on a 3-D printer. While sitting on the deck, Jim snapped numerous pictures of my head to demonstrate how easy the process was by uploading all the photos to a website with free model-making software and letting it do its thing. I had expected that was the end of it. Wrong.

My head as rendered by modeling software
My head rendered by model-making software
My head as printed on a 3d printer
My head as printed by a 3-d printer

I couldn't resist taking the mini-me into the restaurant, where it was a smashing hit among the usual suspects and all the wait staff.

Thanks, Jim!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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