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Twain Harte ho!

Auld acquaintances should not be forgot

| Long-time friends Bob and Carolyn are in residence in Twain Harte, and they invited me to come up and visit for a few days.

I have already written about the travail of making Sophie guide me over my preferred route, one that Google Maps immediately generated.

Largely unbeknownst to me, Bob had also invited other members of our little posse from HP days. I arrived at cocktail time on Wednesday; on Friday morning Jim arrived with Angela; on Saturday Carolyn2 and Hal arrived (by then the house was full and they had to stay in a hotel). Of the seven of us, all but Angela once worked for HP; only Hal's Carolyn still does. Back in the day, we often enjoyed group activities, such as camping at Big Sur or Little Basin. But now we have gone separate ways so we seldom get to see each other, especially en mass, making this a very special treat.

Summer is "the season" in Twain Harte, and life centers around the deck and the lake. "Cabins" are nestled cheek-by-jowl among gigantic cedar trees, and the streets are twisty, up-and-down, and overhung with tree branches. At night it is dark, very dark, and it is almost always quiet, although a chain saw or hammering can often be heard during the day.

My nascent rattail
My "rat-tail" provoked a lot of teasing

As usual, food is a compelling interest. On Thursday night I showed Bob how to grill a pizza, and on Friday I made penne with a pumpkin sauce for our dinner. Saturday, Bob grilled pork ribs, and I made a corn-tomato-avocado salad. On Sunday we rested and had brunch at Eproson, where the food was delicious (they say), plentiful, and very reasonably priced (I was disappointed, however, in my taco omelet).

Jim and his head

Jim brought with him a recent Tech Shop project, a three-dimensional rendering of his head. He displayed it filled with peanuts. I said it confirmed a long-held suspicion! He used free software from AutoDesk to render the model from dozens of photos of his head, then had it printed on a 3D printer.

To show me how easy it is to do, Jim took pictures of my head and used the software to create a model (see left). This is an amazing tool!

My head
Unedited model of my head

Friday night was Bob and Carolyn's annual outdoor movie night. They erect a screen at the bottom of the driveway, friends gather, everyone sets up their chairs on the steeply sloping driveway, and Bob shows a movie after the social hour and darkness has fallen. This year's selection was August: Osage County with Meryl Street and Julia Roberts, nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively. I found it riveting, although I can say without fear of contradiction that it is not a feel-good movie.

Saturday, after Hal and Carolyn arrived, we went down to the lake. Carolyn and Bob swam out to the big rock on the other side of the lake. The rest of us sensibly sought the shade of a tree and the comfort of a bench and chairs.

All in all, it was a wonderful getaway gettogether.


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