Voters — precious few of them — went to the polls on Tuesday. Somebody, anybody, save our democracy!

Crazy is as crazy does

| Voters went to the polls in several states on Tuesday to vote in primary elections. Goddess, have mercy on our collective souls.

In non-presidential election years, when only the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate is up for grabs, most people stay home, especially for primaries. This gives the lunatic fringe a marvelous opportunity to show their true stuff. Believe me, it is not the right stuff.

Consider a few cases.


Joni Ernst
Joni Ernst (R) GOP primary winner

The winner of the Iowa GOP primary for the US Senate was Joni Ernest whose campaign featured memorable moments such as when she bragged about how good she had been at castrating pigs on the farm and a commercial at a firing range where she scored bullseyes on a target representing Obamacare. 

Results of Iowa GOP primary for US Senate

In a 5-person Republican field, Ernst got over 50% of the votes, thereby avoiding a runoff. Mostly she's against things: same-sex marriage, immigration reform (remember, Steve King, he of "calves like cantaloupes" fame, is also from Iowa), the Education department, progressive income tax, etc. One of the few things she's for is privatizing Social Security, and we know how that worked out when GW Bush tried to spend his political capital on that.

But the real stunner is that she is also against the Clean Water Act. That's right, she wants to go to Washington so she can fight to bring back dirty water!

What is wrong with Iowa? It must be something in the water. Oh, there is — runoff from vast hog and livestock operations and from crop fertilizer.

Be afraid, Iowa. Be very afraid.


Chris McDaniel, Mississippi

Chis McDaniel got the most votes in the Mississippi GOP primary for US Senate, but he did not get enough to avoid a runoff later this month with Thad Cocheran, Mississippi's incumbent senator since 1978, known for bringing home the bacon to Mississippi. Mississippi gets $3 back for every $1 it sends to Washington. 

Results of Mississippi GOP primary for US Senate
Results of Mississippi GOP primary for US Senate

A Tea Party favorite, McDaniel has no filter between his brain and his mouth. He has already made himself notorious for saying that he calls Mexican women "mamacita" in his pick-up lines. He shrugged off a video wrestling game in which a white woman holds down a black woman by saying, "Well, she wasn't holding down a gay guy." He weighed in on the reparations issue by saying he would rather leave the US than pay. And this as a candidate in a party that wants to reach out to women, Latinos, blacks, and others not currently in the GOP tent!

Like the rest of the GOP, McDaniel is against things. At the top of his list is Obamacare, "a train wreck and must be repealed immediately." As you might suspect, he is also against taxes (he wants a simple flat tax), the education Common Core, any support for alternative energy, and federal spending (such as the Alaska 'Bridge to Nowhere' and the Lobster Institute in Maine. He is against abortion, same-sex marriage, and so on — all the predictable likes/dislikes of someone on the hard, hard, hard right.

The disconnect in the Mississippi voter mind is between the billions — yes, billions — that Cochran inserted into the budget through his position on the appropriations committee and their enthusiasm for a challenger who thinks federal spending ought to be slashed severely. Perhaps they think McDaniel would slash everyone else's funding, not theirs.

South Dakota

Annette Bosworth, defeated GOP candidate for US senate

Ann Bosworth, one of five aspirants to the GOP nomination for the US Senate from South Dakota didn't win. In fact, she came in a distant 4th.

What makes Bosworth worthy of our attention in this Hall of Shame is that on the morning following her election loss she was arrested, charged with six counts of perjury and six counts of filing false documents.

Annette Bosworth, candidate for US Senate in South Dakota primary

Bosworth advertised herself as "Conservative" and "Representing Your Values." Presumably her poor showing in the polls indicates that South Dakota values do not include perjury and falsification of documents.

Annette Bosworth, a doctor against Obamacare

Bosworth is apparently a "frontline" doctor, whatever that is, and campaigned on the claim that Obamacare would "destroy our healthcare system." Inasmuch as South Dakota is one of the states refusing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, it may be that this "frontline doctor" thinks it's just fine if people don't have any kind of medical insurance at all. Perhaps she plans to give free care to the 25,000 people who would be eligible for coverage if it were expanded. Perhaps she also has some surefire replacement for the $40 billion in uncompensated care in South Dakota for 2011.

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