quail hen
Quail hen perched on the wall

You gotta love these birds

| This afternoon a quail hen came calling in the back yard and brought along her new family.

Quail are such interesting birds. They are very sleek and always look very alert, and the best part is that topknot that sticks out over their bill. I have no idea what purpose it serves — I suppose it has something to do with quail courtship — but it is a jaunty accessory that gives them a slightly Bohemian look.

At any rate, Mrs Quail was accompanied by her chicks numbering at least a dozen. They are like little puffballs scurrying along on their tiny little legs. And they're always very obedient: when mama says "Freeze!" they freeze.

quail hen with her brood
Quail hen and her brood of chicks
quail hen with her brood hiding under a rock
She had them all hide under a rock by the waterfall
quail hen on the wall where the chicks could not follow
Wait for us! Wait for us!

I have never seen quail chicks fly or try to fly. They've always been on the ground when I've seen them. I do know they can run really fast.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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