The French delegation
Marie, Benedicte, Michel

French, French-Canadians, and token Americans

| The Easter feast was held Chez Paul this year, and it was very special because we could share it with visitors from France, namely Bob's nephew Michel, his wife Benedicte, and their daughter Marie.

In addition, our friends Kenny and Richard came for what would be our last get-together before they loaded up Pearl (their Prius) to return to Montréal for the summer.

The centerpiece of the meal was a ham purchased last December when holiday meats were on sale at Stater Bros, kept all this time in Réal's freezer. Since it would be a warmish day, I did it using the outdoor grill as an oven. By popular demand, Bob brought his famous escalloped potatoes with turnips, Ken brought a casserole of haricots verts. (Only the name was French.) Réal brought a big salad and "stuff" — which turned out to be appetizers. Kenny made a maple pecan pie. Not too sweet, eh!

It was an unusual feast for us — everyone had nearly gone when someone realized that we had not drunk any champagne. Quelle horreur! That was quickly remedied, but not in the usual fashion.

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