Opea in the Park
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A beautiful day, beautiful music

| After several days of nasty cold and wind, Opera in the Park Sunday was the kind of day that makes you say, This is why I moved here!

As usual, Réal and Phil got up at the crack of stupid to claim our favorite spot alongside the tent (under the tent involves making a "contribution" to the Opera Guild). And as usual, Bob and I showed up a couple of hours later to cater breakfast and enjoy the un-dress rehearsal. Essentially you get to hear the concert twice, once when everyone is in their street clothes and once again when everyone puts on their best bib and tucker.

The only drawback to our favorite spot this year was that the city landscapers had been overzealous at trimming the tree that normally provided shade for us. As a result, some of us have rather rosy heads today.

Also as usual, lunch was pot luck, with everyone bringing their own beverages and a dish to share. In contrast to previous years when the tables groaned under the weight of food, this year's selection was a bit scant — the smorgas without the bord, so to speak.

This year's concert featured all new talent (except one returnee), and were they talented! The voices were simply excellent.

Opera in the Park is a wonderful event with so many people out to enjoy a picnic in the park with splendid entertainment. And it seems that each year more vendors set up booths around the perimeter of the grounds. This year we made a conscious effort to make the rounds of the vendor booths, something that was commemorated with a photo in The Desert Sun. The only photo for the article  on the concert, I might add.

The usual suspects shopping the vendor booths
The usual suspects shopping the vendor booths

In fact, I made three purchases. The first was some handcrafted hot sauce and chili paste.

Hot sauce and chili paste
With a brand name like "Fire Lips" you just have to buy some

And from a potter I bought new jars to store my salt and garlic:

Old salt jar
Old salt cellar
New salt jar
New salt cellar
Old garlic basket
Old garlic basket
New garlic jar
New garlic jar
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