Deck plan
Deck plan - Aloha Deck

The usual suspects on the high seas

| It's time for another cruise, this time on the Sapphire Princess.

This will be a short four-night cruise with stops in Santa Barbara and Ensenada. I know it seems really silly to drive to Los Angeles to board a cruise ship and go to Santa Barbara. After all, we could drive there in about three hours, whereas the ship will take fifteen hours!

But, if you want to take a short cruise out of a port in Southern California there are not a lot of choices.

We got a terrific deal on this cruise. Our original idea was to go back to Catalina Island and stay for a night or two, but we found that by the time we would pay for the ferry, hotel rooms, and food it would cost more than this cruise! Besides, this will take us back to Ensenada where we can visit our good friend Doña Lupe and pick up more of the delicious coconut and agave liqueurs that she sells in her store! Mucho gusto!

A second surprise with this cruise was the discovery that we could have two staterooms for less than we would pay if we all four huddled together in one stateroom (as we did on the Carnival cruise). Go figure! We were able to get the last two staterooms at the rate we wanted that are side-by-side. There is no connecting door, but the divider between the two balconies can be opened, so it's as good as connected.

Aloha deck
Aloha Deck (in blue)

We'll be on the Aloha Deck, just one level below the Lido Deck where the buffet is always located. We can grab a quick late-night snack without getting lost! As you can see from the deck plan at right, we are at the extreme front of the ship, and at the other end of our deck is a small swimming pool.

A third surprise with this cruise was the discovery that we could each take a 750ml bottle of wine or champagne on board for use in our stateroom, with no corkage fee. Holy happy hour!

Sapphire Princess
The Sapphire Princess

The Sapphire Princess is quite new, having been finished in 2004 and refurbished in 2012. She can accommodate 1,337 passengers on 18 decks. 750 of the outside staterooms have private balconies.

Ah, life is good!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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