Paul's chin was not really resting on the bloody Mary pitcher!

There is nothing like a soup, nothing

| When there's turkey, soup is sure to follow.

One of the best reasons for cooking a turkey is that you have a carcass to turn into turkey soup.

Since we had turkey for our Oscar party, Sunday became Soup-er Sunday. And inasmuch as the turkey had been a small turkey, the soup was really turcken soup. There had not even been enough left over to make a pot of soup!

The usual suspects arrived with their taste buds all a-tingle. (I imagine.) It was a positively gorgeous day for early March: clear blue skies, no wind, temperature near 80°. Consequently, we moved to the patio for starters, of which we had too many, and bloody Marys.

The usual suspects
The usual suspects (clockwise from left): Bob, Paul, Réal, Kenny, Ken, Richard

Ken once again appointed himself official photographer for the event. The guys are always complaining that I, myself, am never in the pictures, and I suppose this was meant to rectify the situation. I can only say, having examined these snaps, I was so right!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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