Selfie seen around the world
The selfie seen 'round the world

No pizza for this crowd!

| The desert glitterati — AKA Brunch Bunch Plus — assembled chez Paul to watch the Oscar festivities. We were quite festive ourselves.

The idea was that we would gather at 1pm to allow plenty of time for Oscar-related eating, drinking, and foolishness before the Red Carpet broadcast at 4pm, followed by the actual awards program at 5:30pm. That was the plan.


There was nothing for it but to return the turkey to the oven and postpone the eating until Réal would arrive at 5pm. You understand, surely, that this meant more time for noshing and drinking! Fortunately, he also brought another bottle of champagne, for the supply was by then exhausted.

Someone should lose a job over this

A great source of amusement during the Red Carpet was provided by the glamor shots of women in their rented/loaned designer gowns. I'm sure someone thought they had created a terrific set that would reinforce the corporate identity of the Academy. Alas, they forgot to clue in the cameraman, so we spent a lot of time asking each other, "What's with this 'CARS'?" Oops!

I had printed off ballots for those who wanted to play along by picking their own winners of the various awards. Since the most Oscar-nominated movies that anybody had seen was 3 this was something of a shot in the dark.

As the program began to wind down (or work up to the climax?), Matthew McConaughey got up to give his acceptance speech, which needed simultaneous translation because it mostly made no sense at all, and when he finished without ever referring to the movie for which he won the Oscar and concluded by assuring us that he was his own hero, the reaction among the Usual Suspects was unanimous and emphatic: "What an a*hole!"

Then, after 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture, our own festivities kicked into high(er) gear. Kenny and Richard are our self-appointed Oscar entertainment directors, and for two years running, they have staged a red carpet of our own, followed by awards for various foolishness.

Kenny as very amused MC
Kenny amused himself as emcee

Kenny acts as the master of ceremonies, while Richard handles videography. This year Kenny outdid himself with imaginative awards. Even Angela, who wasn't even here, won an award, but since she wasn't here, someone else accepted it for her and took the award home. Naturally, an acceptance speech is always in order.

The photos below were taken by Ken, Someone using Ken's camera, Richard, and Kenny. Paul is responsible only for the shot of all the empty bottles awaiting recycling.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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