satellite dishes
Mysterious satellite dishes

What strangeness lurks so close to home?

| You see a lot of strange things out in the desert, usually far out in the desert. But this one is less than 3 miles away.

Just south of Dillon Road on North Indian Canyon Drive sits a non-descript, windowless building. For a long time there was a sign out front that had the name of a law firm, and a big RV was parked alongside the building. It made no sense. Who would put a law office in a windowless building out in the country? Next to the building was a vacant lot growing a few weeds.

Street view
Street view from Google Maps

But then things changed. The new sign has one word — "private" — and an emergency phone number. The vacant lot next door was surrounded by a new chainlink fence topped with barbed wire. Then the satellite dishes were installed. Four of them. Plus, there are parts lying about for more.

Current view
The once vacant lot next door

These are not the small dishes used for satellite television. These are big!

replacement sign

When they were first installed I thought that they were all pointed at different points in the sky, but having taken the picture above, I can see that the dishes are in pairs that both point to the same place.

Now what could this be? The dishes in pairs suggest redundancy, which in turn means that whatever is being received is considered highly important.

The RV parked next to it looks like it could be a control center. A heavy-duty feeder cable is attached at the rear, half-way up the side (this is not where a normal RV electrical connection is plugged in).

And even more curious, who is doing this? Googling the telephone number deepens the mystery. The number comes up associated with a Clark Garen (or Garen Clark) with a post office box address in Palm Springs OR a street address in Napa associated with Lew Payne Publishing, Inc.

So, go ahead, Google Lew Payne Publishing. That's when it gets really interesting. I got 53,000,000 results! The first page of results is filled with company references, variously located in Farmington, Michigan; Boise, Idaho; and Palo Alto, California. Check out the company website — it is one page, prominently featuring the word "sh*t." Other links reveal that Lew Payne Publishing is a porn powerhouse with supposedly one the "oldest and most popular link lists on the Internet": (you're on your own!), and management of dozens of adult porn sites.

Now it makes some sense:

I wonder if the families in the trailer park across the street know who their neighbor is?

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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