commemorative coaster
The commemorative coaster, designed and manufactured by Jim

Super Bowl, Super Party

| Super Bowl XLVIII (48) and the impending party Chez Paul so preoccupied my mind that I totally forgot about Punxatawny Phil and his weather prognostication.

But never mind, it was a lovely day here in the desert, and the usual suspects — and more — assembled to observe the culmination of the football season, as it seems all Americans now must: by drinking, by eating, by gathering in front of a TV screen.

Laurien, Real, and Jeannine
Laurien, Réal, and Jeannine

A special treat this year was that Réal's sister and brother were visiting from New Hampshire. Kenny and Richard, our friends from Montréal, also joined us for the afternoon.

Jim and Angela came down from the SF Bay Area, a vestige of the peripatetic Super Bowl parties that we used to have every year in different locations; those went on for a dozen years, but recently it has been harder to get everyone together due to busy lives and distant locations.

Jim was actually the hit of the party. He created wooden coasters for the event. Few were actually used as coasters; most went straight into a pocket as a souvenir of the day. Interest intensified when Jim revealed that one of them (well, actually two) were different,  and there would be an award to the person who discovered the anomaly. The "mistakes" were intentionally introduced for our enjoyment: "Stupor Bowl" and "Super Bowel".

Real receiving his trophy
Réal receiving his trophy

I turned the TV on when the pre-game show began, but frankly, everyone's attention was rivited on the bloody Marys, the bounteous supply of champagne, and an unconquerable smorgasbord of appetizers (see sidebar).

As usual with this crowd, some of us were a little unclear about what all the hullaballoo was about and could not reliably identify the participants in the contest. That did not prevent lusty cheering and boisterous commentary once the game actually began.

And what a game! It was apparent even to this group that the game was more farce than fabulous. In the interest of fairness, there were stubborn cheers for the hapless Broncos, but the game belonged to the Seahawks. We did give rapt attention to the commercials, but mostly talked over and mocked the game. Réal was in charge of the remote, turning up the volume for commercials and suppressing it for the actual game. Alas, even the commercials this time were forgettable.

But that is no matter — we had a helluva party!

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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