I see you!

| The back yard has not been visited by much wildlife since I had to empty the waterfall (it was leaking something fierce).

Wascally wabbit in the garden

In recent days a wascally wabbit has been visiting and snacking on some of the plants. He/she seems fond of the Mexican heather. I don't really mind that, since the heather is trying to take over the back yard and it saves some pruning.

But the rabbit is such a caution. It comes into the yard and then sits absolutely still while it reconnoiters. Its little rabbit brain is apparently convinced that if he/she doesn't move nobody can see it. But I can. When it visited on Thanksgiving day we messed with its mind by making various sounds to see if it would react. It was so cute — from time to time it would swivel one ear on its base, trying to home in on the origin of the sound. Pretty accurately, I might add.

Eventually one of us moved, and at the first glimpse of motion behind the windows, the rabbit fled. It has been back almost every day since. I may have to give it a name!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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