rainbow colored money
Millions of rainbow-colored dollars were spent in Palm Springs during Pride weekend

Palm Springs cashes in on Pride

| Today's Desert Sun had a follow-up article on last weekend's Pride festivities with several interesting tidbits, including that festival organizers estimated attendance "up 30 percent to 40 percent from last year."

If so, that would bring attendance to over 100,000. (The permanent population of Palm Springs is typically estimated at 45,000 and double that in "season.")

crowd scene
Crowds lined both sides of Palm Canyon Drive several deep for the mile-long parade route

For sure, parade route was lined several people deep for its full 1.3 mile length. And happily those included people of all sorts, and they all had big smiles on their faces.

The other interesting tidbig from the article concerned the economic impact of the event, which included a two-day festival at the stadium, the parade, and several block parties downtown. The estimate for "direct spending," according to Pride organizers, is $18–$19 million.

$18 million sounds like a lot of money, but it's not surprising: Pride weekend provides the Palm Springs economy with its biggest infusion of cash, followed by motorcycle weekend.


The article also included a suggestion that the organizers would like to move the festival downtown from the baseball stadium, "because that's where people want to be." Well, that does make sense, particularly for the out-of-towners who have no idea where the baseball stadium is. Something similar happened with Biker Weekend which for a few years moved its activities away from downtown, much to the dismay of Palm Canyon Drive merchants who lost a lot of money as a result.

However, the notion that a reason for moving is because parking around the stadium is too difficult is preposterous. Yes, there isn't much parking there, but anyone who thinks there is more parking downtown has obviously never tried to park downtown.


Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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