Pride 2013

A beautiful day for a parade

| Pride 2013 dawned clear and bright. As it should.

We decided to take brunch at the newly-opened Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Palm Springs. Arriving shortly after 8am we expected the place to be packed. Instead, there was absolutely noone in the restaurant, not even a host or wait staff. We had to halloo a few times before someone actually came out from the back.

Our brunch was delicious. We all had steak and eggs, and the steak was tender and succulent. Definitely not USDA choice.

After brunch we headed over to Palm Canyon Drive with our chairs to establish a prime viewing location. Too late! All the spots next to the sidewalk on the shady side of the street were taken, so we were forced across the street in the sun. Drats!

The parade was as all such parades: dykes and boys on bikes, marching bands, boys, old cars, politicians, outrageous costumes (or the notable lack thereof), boys, community groups, etc. Our very own Réal led the CCBC contingent, which included their newly wrapped courtesy van. Very nice, indeed.

Although Réal marched in the parade, he made it to the festival grounds before us. It was a long parade! Once there, we collected as much swag as we wanted, chowed down on enormous sausages, and topped off lunch with ice cream. Life is good!

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