Opening scene of Versa Note commercial

Watching with an eagle eye

| There is an energetic and catchy commercial for the Nissan Versa Note, titled "Door Trip," enjoying a lot of airtime on TV since the ad was released in mid August.

After the opening scene of wild partying, the camera "flies" through several scenes involving the Versa Note, swooping through the open hatch and going out through the windshield. The commercial features music by Barking Owl; there are just a few words of the lyrics that I can understand, but no matter.

What caught my eye was what happens in the last five seconds of the commercial.

21 seconds
At about 20 seconds, the tour ends with a rear view of a Versa Note parked in front of a concert venue (musicians were seen carrying their guitars into the venue). Note the couple on the sidewalk.
25 seconds
Four seconds later, we now see the same couple approaching the curb. This gives new meaning to "back to the future"


Now, that's a glitch!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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