Fall is on the way

| Just before sunrise this morning, the temperature chez moi was 47°F. When the sun came up, the mountain sparkled with new snow!

view from home

At the top of the Palm Springs Tramway, several inches of new snow covered the ground and decorated the trees.

Long Valley at top of Palm Springs Tramway

Some might question why the lead of the article asserts that fall is only "on the way." After all, according to the calendar fall began last month; the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter; some leaves have turned. But my own personal indicator of fall has not arrived: that is when the water that comes out of the cold tap is no longer warm. True enough, we're down to "tepid" but nowhere near "cool" much less "cold."

Nevertheless it is time for fall activities. This weekend the usual suspects will make their usual trip to apple country. 

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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