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Shut down the government ... except the parts I like

| I just tuned into C-SPAN and saw the Repugnicans engaging in another round of picking favorite parts of the government.

Senator Mike Enzi, R-WY

This time it was Senator Enzi of Wyoming who was pleading that the national parks be opened so Yellowstone could be opened. He was shocked, simply shocked, that tourists had been forced to leave the Old Faithful Inn. He cited an article - Fox News, of course - alleging various "Gestapo tactics" used against passengers on a tour bus in the park.

(Of course Enzi wants to demonstrate that he is working for his state to fend off the challenge by the dreaded Liz Cheney who wants his seat.)

This all reminds me of the ritual in gym class when the two best jocks or jockettes are designated captains and proceed to pick their teams for whatever diversion is on tap. The kids with the best skills or who are most popular get picked first and then everybody else has to stand there awaiting the possible humiliation of being chosen last.

Except in the case there's no intention of allowing the choosing to go on until all parts of the government have been chosen. The Repugnican tactic is to pick off all the parts that will cause the most outrage, thus innoculating them from public opprobrium while they continue the shutdown. 

Fortunately, the Democrats are wise to this, and every time a Republican asks "unanimous consent" to fund some part of government, a Democrat always offers an amendment to the request that calls for opening the government. 

Unfortunately, this rather plays into Republican hands, because they can make propaganda out of the objections. Look at those mean Democrats, objecting to opening Yellowstone!

In the words of the immortal John Boehner, "This isn't some damn game!"

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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