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Are we having fun yet?

| It's the final hour of the final day of the fiscal year, and our duly elected representatives in Washington cannot even agree to just continue the status quo funding of the government for six weeks in the absence of a budget.

I've been watching C-SPAN for most of the day, with intermissions for working in the yard. And each time I come back it is to observe that nothing has changed. Empassioned oratory is going on, ostensibly a "debate." But it is not a debate, it is people talking past each other.

The House has sent over to the Senate three versions of a continuing resolution. Each one of them has contained a different poison pill that they know neither the Senate nor the President can accept. It's a crass attempt to strengthen their standing with the ultra-fanatic Republican primary voter.

Their method is to demand the undoing of the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) which was passed by both Houses, signed by the president, ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, and ratified by voters in the last presidential election fought over this very issue. The Republicans lost by 5 million votes.

So, the Republicans are trying to achieve by hostage-taking what they could not achieve legislatively, in court, or at the ballot box. Have these Tea Party "wacko-birds" stopped to think whether this is a precedent they really want to set? The tables will one day be turned and they won't like it if Democrats take the government hostage to undo it. Oh, how loudly they will wail!

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