Cruz expelling hot air

Give me what I want or I'll shoot myself in the foot

| Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) vowed that he would do anything and everything to stop Obamacare. To that end he began yesterday to exercise his right as a senator to talk as long as he wanted. And he talked, and talked, and talked.

And today at 1pm ET, Cruz was told that his time was up and there would be a vote whether or not to proceed to debate the continuing resolution. The resulting discussion was quite interesting. 

Then it came time for a vote. Two pictures illustrate much of what is wrong with the Senate:

Senate at the beginning of the vote
Senate at the start of vote
Senate half-way through the vote
Senate half-way though the vote

As voting began, there was almost noone in the chamber. The clerk called the roll, and almost noone responded with a vote. Ironically, one of the few who did was Senator Cruz, who voted Aye. So much for all his brave words. He could have voted aye without wasting over 20 hours with his empty talk.

Then as voting continued, senators began to appear on the floor to mingle as at a cocktail party.

In the end, 100 senators voted to proceed to debate, 0 voted not to debate.

It's important to note that there will be yet another of these "procedural" votes before they can get to an actual vote on the substance.

Let there be no mistake: Cruz's monologue was not a failure as far as his own goal is concerned. What he really wanted was to cement himself in the minds of the political right as the one true conservative who — wait for it — should be the next Republican presidential nominee. It will be a fool's quest because we've seen what happens when someone at the fringe manages to get the nomination; think Goldwater on the right, McGovern on the left. Landslide!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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