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A splendid day at the fair

| If it's September, it's time to go to the Los Angeles County Fair, AKA "the Pomona fair," so called because the fair is actually held in Pomona. Naturally, we went on Wednesday, which is Senior Day when prices for us of many birthdays is dropped to $5.

And Bob did the driving since he has the handicap parking placard so we were able to park just a few yards from the entrance gate. 

We did the usual tour of the grounds to see many of the same things we've seen for years and not seen some things we've come to expect. The apple-crisp booth is still not back, and to our chagrin the horseshow has been replaced with a "Wild West" show. When we happened onto the arena, an Indian was performing a dance involving numerous hoops (hula?) which turned out to be the finale of the show! Argh!

The shopping pavillions were chock full of the usual schlock, but one of them had been taken over by a Disney exhibit on animation; it was truly fascinating.

And, as always, we partook of fair food, this time from the Chuckwagon BBQ booth. It was fair-to-middling fare, but what else can you expect?

For your consideration, I present this excerpt from the schedule of the day:

Bear in mind that the gates open at 12noon. I wrote to the fair to inquire who they thought would be watching these pre-opening events, but they failed to answer. Expecting that someone would understand the subtleties of the am/pm system may have been expecting too much.
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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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