| Yesterday afternoon about two o'clock another wildfire started near Banning, and by the time to go to hapy hour, a thick pall of acrid smoke blanketed the valley, all the way down to the ground, driven by strong west winds through the pass.

Smoke in Indio
Smoke-filled streets of Indio Photo: The Desert Sun

Although it was quite clear at my house, I drove into murk that reminded me of LA back in the days before the EPA when the smog was constant and thick.

While we were enjoying our adult beverages the wind shifted and bits of blue sky peeked through. Nevertheless, there were still a few people walking around wearing masks over their nose and mouth.

On the way home, I simply had to stop and use the camera in my phone to take a picture of the setting sun behind the windmills north of Palm Springs. 

sunset through the fire

Unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the beauty of the scene. But you get the idea.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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