Young William
William and his family

You're only young once

| William is the son of my friends Carolyn and Hal, and he's decided that he will bike "in the direction of South America."

William is going through that life phase of figuring out who and how to be. In short, he's trying to find himself. He's pushing boundaries — his and those around him: "I have lived in Palo Alto my entire life, and it is definitely time for me to go."

And, since people have told him that when you start a trip you should start a blog, he's started a blog.

Already he's learning important life lessons: If you lose your wallet you probably won't get it back. Your vehicle (in William's case his bike) will inevitably break down. There may be steep hills and other obstacles on the way to your goal; almost nothing worthwhile is easy.

You have to admire William's spirit and desire to see more of the world than Palo Alto. You also have to admire his gumption to do it on a bike.

William seems to have a way with words — the first three entries of his blog are well-written, with self-awareness and humor, and aptly illustrated. I'm finding the blog "a good read" and I think you will too. It may be found at

And, if you happen to be one your way "in the direction of South America" and see William along the road with his thumb out, consider giving him a lift over the next hill. Great adventures can be hard work.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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