Sophie says it will be a 14-hour drive to get home!

So happy to be home

| Poor Sophie. Each time I went down another level of the circular ramp in the parking garage, she said, "In a quarter of a mile, left turn."

Poor old girl just couldn't figure out what was going on. And then when we finally stopped going around in circles — literally — she took the longest time to figure out where to go next.

One of the amusing things about traveling with Sophie is that she is ever so pessimistic about travel times. Towit: this morning she insisted it would be a 14-hour drive home, and more.

14 hours to drive home? I don't think so!
We're going to drive 14 hours 18 minutes? I don't think so

She, of course, bases her estimates on the types of roads and the usual speed limits. Then as we go along she adjusts. In fact, it was a 10-hour drive, including stops.

While on the subject of the roadways, I may as well get two major gripes off my chest:

(1) Turn on headlights. Every so often one encounters a big sign that exhorts us to "Turn on headlights next XX miles." These signs are patently ridiculous. If it is nighttime, we need no encouragement to turn on our headlights, because we know from our own experience that we can see ever so much better at night with the headlights on.

And if it is daytime, the proposition that turning on my headlights will help me see better, or be seen better, strikes me as the type of do-gooder nonsense that has never been put to the test. If someone can't see my car in the daylight, it is very doubtful that the little pricks of light will make any difference. Likewise for my ability to see other cars.

(2) Weigh station ahead. Throughout the land you see these signs. They are usually followed by additional clarifying(?) signs that "All trucks must enter," and "trucks" is sometimes further defined. It is my observation that in the majority of cases, however, when you arrive at the supposed weigh station, the entrance is barricaded, there is a "closed" sign plastered on it, and, in fact, the weighing apparatus has been removed, along with the weighmasters shack. People! It would be so much better to just remove the "Weigh station ahead" signs and be done with it. On the off chance that the weigh station comes back, the signs can be replaced. Such nonsense!

By the Numbers
Total miles driven 5865
Gallons of gas consumed 133.9
Average miles per gallon 43.8
Average cost per gallon of gas $3.757

The answer to the burning question: Yes, the garage door was closed.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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