a lot of nothing from Arco to Reno

The penultimate day on the road

| It happened again this morning leaving Arco, Idaho, just as it happened twice yesterday approaching Arco, Idaho. Sophie was cruising merrily along when suddenly she was in the grip of a mighty force that shook her, pummeled her, and jostled her roughly about the roadway.

I'm not saying this had anything to do with Arco, Idaho, per se, but something like this has happened only three times in over 5,000 miles driven in the last three weeks, and all three times were in the vicinity of Arco, Idaho. Low-level severe air turbulence? Rogue magnetic fields? Attempted abductions by UFOs? I'm not making any claims here, just saying this was very peculiar. Just saying, you know?

While passing through Shoshone, Idaho at mid-morning, I espied a snack shop and decided to have my breakfast.  When I used the restroom there, the towel was one of those old-fashioned cloth things on a roll, and it did not look, shall we say, hygienic.  It may be just a coincidence, but about two hours after that I began to experience extreme gastrointestinal distress. It may just be a coincidence, but it is not a good thing when rest areas are 125 miles apart.

Some of the Nevada nothingness
Some of the Nevada nothingness

There is simply a lot of nothing between Arco and Reno. The most exciting thing, perhaps, was the tunnels we did not get to go through.

The tunnels not taken
The tunnels not taken

I saw the tunnels coming up, but I also saw traffic taking a turn to the right just in front of the tunnels. I song came into my mind:

We'll be driving around the mountain when we come,
We'll be driving around the mountain when we come,
We'll driving around the mountain, we'll be driving around the mountain, we'll be driving around the mountain when we come.

We'll be driving a silver Prius when we come....

That's it. Enough punishment.

Eight miles from Reno traffic on the I-80 came to an absolute stop for about 40 minutes. Apparently an accident. Then it began again. Why is it that the police think they have to block an entire highway whenever there's a fender-bender? A 25-car chain-reaction in fog, yes. But for ordinary accidents?

My bowling team is off bowling tonight. Ironically, there seems to be a bowling tournament here in the hotel (or at least in town) tonight as well.



Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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