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They had Sacagawea, I have Sophie

| After showering and checking myself for bedbug bites, I hit the road for the next stop, Cody, Wyoming, one of the gateways to Yellowstone National Park.

The Beach, ND, rest stop, with wifi

My first stop was at exit 1 of I-94 to upload yesterday's post. I had written it the night before, so this was mostly a matter of copy and paste. North Dakota has kindly equipped many of their rest areas with free wi-fi (unlike a certain hotel next to a certain national park!).

CC's cafe

Next stop was breakfast. Not far into Montana, there was a symbol for food on an exit sign, so I headed off to compensate for the awful dinner of the previous night. The parking lot outside CC's Cafe was full of cars, a sure sign that it is either the only place to eat, or the best place to eat. The waitress chortled when I explained my logic of stopping. You be the judge: Country breakfast - 3 eggs, a 6-inch hunk of Kielbasa, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy (with more sausage bits in it), and coffee was $8.95. And it was good!

A few miles into Montana, the I-94 took a turn to the southwest and crossed the Yellowstone River, for the first of many, many times. This is the route that Lewis and Clark took on their expedition to see what Tom Jefferson had bought from the French in the Louisiana Purchase. What I didn't realize until I stopped at the Rosebud Rest Area is that trappers and hunters follows the expedition and took so many buffalo hides that they disrupted affairs among the Indian Nations and precipitated years of bloody battles, culminating in the Battle of Rosebud and the Battle of Little Big Horn. The things you learn when you gotta pee.

I am lodged for tonight at The Irma, Buffalo Bill Cody's hotel in downtown Cody, Wyoming. Now this is what an historic hotel ought to be. Of course not everything is spot-on authentic of its time, but the atmosphere is most definitely correct. And the en-suite toilet (see the slideshow) is priceless! And unlike a certain "historic" hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota, this one has parking. And wifi!

Tomorrow I'll spend a full day in Yellowstone, then lodge at the western gateway tomorrow night.

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